Wednesday 6 June 2018

All Digital Marketing Masterclass’s are lead by

Darren Moffatt – Director Strategy & Content Marketing, WebBuzz


Digital Marketing Strategy: How to write and implement a digital marketing plan?

  • What are the main digital marketing channels and which should you be using?
  • Understanding consumer behaviour and translating that into good customer experience
  • How much should you be spending on digital marketing? What are the most cost-effective digital marketing channels that provide the best ROI?
  • Current trends in digital marketing in financial services and other sectors – spotlight on some industry players who are kicking goals (and making big dollars) through effective digital marketing
  • How long does it take to reap the rewards of investment in digital marketing campaigns?




How to use social media marketing to drive referrals and leads

  • Introduction to social media platforms: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo and Live Person
  • How to turn loyal customers into vocal advocates and fans using social media
  • Common social media mistakes (and how to avoid making them!)
  • Sample contests, sweepstakes, referral programs, polls and giveaways to encourage customers to engage with you and share your content with their friends
  • Reputation management: Keeping the trolls at bay
  • Powering up your LinkedIn profile to build your digital influence and drive referrals




Designing a great company website that generates revenue: Improving your customer experience online

  • Tips for improving your online customer experience
  • 6 common website mistakes that brokers make
  • How to convert people browsing your site into qualified leads and clients
  • Designing your website for usability, function and effectiveness
  • How to use online surveys to mine non-converting prospects for information
  • Providing simple and easy online tools and personal advice for your clients online
  • Examples of great offers and calls-to-action that appeal to potential clients


Networking Drinks


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